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2016-2017 School Year

"Mount Mansfield Union High School graduates are effective, engaged citizens prepared with the knowledge and skills to make positive contributions to ever-changing local and global communities."

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September 2016

Cougar Paw

June 2016

To view graduation photos please visit
Select ONLINE EVENTS then MMU GRADUATION. Password is 2016.

Video of the MMU graduation Click Here

Cougar Paw

February 2016

Northwest Music District Scholarship.
Ginny Churchill performs her scholarship piece

Cougar Paw

December 2015

MMU on WFFF Cool School 2nd December
Click here for more videos of MMU on WFFF

Cougar Paw

September 2015

Daily Announcements.
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Cougar Paw

August 2015

Hey MMU!
Do you have an idea for an event?
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Cougar Paw

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